Thursday, June 7, 2007


LOL I swear my voice teacher is HILARIOUS.

My lesson was amazing. I have never worked with a teacher where in each lesson something else major is accomplished. I mean it. It happens every lesson, there is like a break through.

Today it was getting a more pure shimmered tone out...and out it did come. LOL I was so excited that I kept doing it and my teacher got more and more tickled. LOL I just can't even explain it.

When I graduated from college and moved back home, I was on the hunt for a good teacher. I asked a friend and she recommended hers. Her teacher worked for her, I found out 3 years later, but not for me. So here I am 3 years later, almost completely washing away all of my issues with her. *sniff* I am almost crying from excitement.

Anywho, I was writing on my other blog and decided to do some youtubin' and found this.... There is nothing like Shirley Verrett's singing...and we ain't even going to mention Macbeth. *swoon* Enjoy.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Whew. I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost two weeks. Things have been really hectic for me.

Since February, I have been in rehearsals for this gig I just did, The Children's Requiem. This past Saturday, we performed it in Woodstock, NY to a very appreciative crowd. The requiem deals with the Central Park Jogger case, the affect violence in communities have had on young African American males and how will we go about changing things. The piece is very powerful and moving. We are now on break for a couple of weeks before we perform it again at the Riverside Theater on June 24th.

While that is on hiatus, I am now working on Songs in the Life of a Martyr that I am singing in a couple of weeks. The music is interesting and very beautiful, but I don't have a lot to sing. I am grateful for that opportunity.

In between all of this, I have been numbing my mind with Mozart. LOL Mozart the bane of my existence along with Liu. May I just say, Tanto Amore is whipping my arse. *sigh* It is possible, but sometimes I wonder where Puccini's head went every now and then. Those leaps are quite taxing and I am not going to even get into floating. I have an easy float, but something about float wants to take a vacation.

With other things out of the way, I am hoping to get back on my gym schedule. I haven't been on a piece of equipment for a while, due to the schedule, but I have been walking almost 3 miles every day. Since I work a 9-5, I take my lunch hour and just walk while listening to whatever is on my heart for that day. It obviously has worked. The doctor said I had lost 6lbs. and he had a look of being pleased. I really want to get into a yoga class. My former teacher told me I needed one. I probably still do. LOL I need a way to center my breath and my energy when I get nervous. *rolling my eyes*

Before I go...I was reading Opera Chic when I got in from Woodstock and I saw this article. I can't begin to say how enthralled I got in this. I have heard Hope sing on many occasions and her voice is absolutely glorious. I am just curious if this is more about a look that is stereotypically considered for Donna Anna or if this is about getting rid of things the old regime had in place?

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am convinced my teacher suffers from insanity. LOL No, I don't really believe that, but I do respect her passion and love for the art form.

By the time I leave my voice lessons, I feel like I have been in a kickboxing class. She works until she gets the product that she wants to hear.

Today we worked on opening my jaw. As most singers know...that is one of the most important parts of gotta open your jaw. Well, mine stays in a locked position when my breath is doing its own fandangle thing. Just a mess.

Well, today, she was convinced that it was going to flow...and flow it did do. *sigh* Not after bending over, squatting, gripping my arse, her pulling my arms just name it, she did it.

By the time I got done with Porgi amor, I was ready for a long bath and a good night's sleep. That didn't happen...I had a rehearsal until 10 and for some WEIRD reason, I am still up. *sigh*

I am going to go and watch today's episode of oprah. Thank God for DVD.

Who is she?

Last night I got the blog started again, but today...I tried to fix it up the way I really wanted it. Now...I can get down to business.

So who is this blogger?

Well, for the long run I am going to try to remain anonymous, but until that has to are some odd ball and random facts about me.

  • The title of my blog...Singing is not my a quote that a friend of mine uses all the time. As she was saying it yesterday, I decided that is the perfect title. Singing is not my hobby.
  • I am a graduate of a state university system. I grew up in New York, but I chose not to attend school in New York.
  • I have been struggling for 7 years to find a good teacher who has been there and has some technique. I have found her and she is God sent.
  • I am older than the norm diving into the throws of a career. I had a lot of technical issues along the way. I just ran on pure talent for a long time, eventually you run into trouble.
  • I come from a musical family. There are musicians in every generation. I am the only one in my generation who has chosen this to be their career.
  • As a child I worked in the two big opera houses in Lincoln Center. People laugh when I say that...but it was a job. I have I am on two videos and after saving that paid for a semester in college.
  • I learn music rather quickly and pride myself on that.
  • I absolutely adore singing contemporary music.
  • My passions don't just include music. I love to read and shop.
That is enough for the moment. As time goes on, I know that my kinks and winks will come through and you will see all of who i am.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wow back again...

i am back on blogger. wow. this time it is all about singing.

that is all that is consuming my life, which it should be, so that is what i am going to blog about. singing.

so for the past 3 weeks it has been about mozart...nozze and giovanni to be specific. whew! talk about a task!

i am meeting with my coach soon, but right now i am pecking out notes for myself. and while i walk my 3 miles, i have 3 different recordings of each opera. lol talk about just throwing myself in. wow

now that i have gotten started again, i am going to call it a night. i have to be in full form for my lesson after work.